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How to import the sources to Android Studio

Install Android Studio for Platform

Go to the Download page and download the package. Follow the instructions under “Get started with ASfP” if you are using a Debian-based Linux distribution (such as Ubuntu).

For all other Linux distributions, unpack data.tar.xz from the downloaded file, then unpack data.tar.xz to a destination of your choice. Follow the instructions described in Install-Linux-tar.txt file which is in the extracted folder.

Start working with Android Studio

Open Android Studio and click on Import Asfp Project.

Then set the Repo checkout to your Android source directory.

Set your lunch target to the device you want to build (e.g. lineage_arm64-userdebug). Everything before and after arm64 is required. Check our list of devices to get started.

If there are any modules you want to work on, you must specify them as module paths. By default, Android Studio will not open any paths.

Start developing

Now, after all the previous steps are done, you can actually start developing and exploring the sources. The Find in path function (Edit -> Find -> Find in path) can be a good start to find a file you want to modify. Just search for a known string among all source files and then dive in deeper until you actually found the function you want to modify.


After you have modified the sources and tested your change, you can contribute to LineageOS by submitting your work.