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How to submit a bug report

What not to report

Reporting a bug

We use Gitlab Issues as our bug tracker. Before you submit a bug, please search to verify that someone else hasn’t reported it already.

Please do not:

We accept bugs on the following:

Android bugs

These are bugs in LineageOS itself, e.g.

When adding a bug report, please do not use the email functionality, since we provide a template that needs to be filled out properly.

Please read the template carefully and pay special attention to the last section, containing lines starting with /. These lines are parsed by a bot which will mark your issue as invalid if you do not fill them out properly. Keep the lines exactly as they are and add your information next to it, e.g. /device codename or /version lineage-19.1 but not /device My Device (codename) - which the bot will not be able to parse.

Most of the requested information can be found on your device if you go to Settings->About phone and click on the Android version item.

Make sure to fill out the template with accurate information, and in the format requested. It doesn’t matter if your baseband version has nothing to do with a lock screen animation issue, if it is not there your bug will be closed.

Infrastructure bugs

These are bugs in our website and/or software, e.g.