Installing LineageOS zips in TWRP results in “Error 7”

  • The most common reasons for this error are:
    • You are trying to install a build for a different device. You need to make sure you download the zip for the correct device *and* variant
    • You are attempting to migrate from an unofficial build to LineageOS. To do this, you need to flash the migration zip, marked as ‘experimental’
    • Your vendor/modem/bootloader is too old (or maybe too new). Flash the correct stock image for your device, before wiping data and attempting to install LineageOS again. This information should be listed on the device’s wiki page.
  • If your error still persists after confirming these are not causing your issue, ask someone for help IRC (#lineageos@freenode) or on the Subreddit and provide a recovery log

There are watermarks saying “cm to lineage migration” on every screen

  • You have flashed the migration build (marked as ‘experimental’). This build resets all package keys at boot, and SHOULD NOT be used outside of performing a migration. Please update to the latest build for your device.

My device is officially supported, but there’s no zips for it on the download page. Where are they?

  • Be patient. Devices are slowly being built throughout the week. Maintainers have busy lives, and sometimes an issue is holding it back. Please do not ask for ETAs.

My device is not officially supported, but I’d really like to give LineageOS a try. Can you support my device?

  • All devices are maintained by open source contributors - sorry, we don’t take device requests. If you would like to bring-up LineageOS for a device, and can meet some basic standards, we’ll happily look into making it official.
  • If you have a working device tree/kernel, and would like to submit it for official builds, please contact with links to them. Please note - your device must have full hardware support (i.e., every peripheral works) and must be stable.

A build for my device disappeared? Where’d it go?

  • Occasionally a build is broken. If this happens, we remove it until the next build cycle.

I found a bug. What do I do?

Can I have xxx feature added?

  • Don’t ask.

My device doesn’t pass SafetyNet!

  • Some devices pass their bootloader unlock status and verity status to android’s kernel during boot. We don’t purposefully remove those flags, as it isn’t our place to lie about security features.

Can you enable signature spoofing?

  • Once again, it isn’t our place to lie about security features. No.

Where does the updater app store the downloaded zip?

  • /data/data/org.lineageos.updater/app_updates/